Yacht Office Tables

The Yacht Office Tables designed by Hanno have an elegant, slender shape, inspired by the famous J-Class classic sailing yachts from the 1930’s.

Semi-monocoque construction

Hanno’s aeronautical engineering background is reflected in the construction of the table. The table-top is built up of two sheets of walnut wood which are only 8 mm thick. In the middle, the sheets are held apart by trusses. At the far ends, the sheets and trusses come together in a lamination with glue, to create a semi-monocoque construction which is both light-weight and very strong. The relationship with the classic yachts is further emphasized by the high-gloss treatment of the wood and the lean highly polished stainless steel legs. The Yacht Office Tables have detachable side-flanks, so they  can be used as a stand-alone, or a side table.

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