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Groen & Boothman is a boutique agency for industrial design and strategic creative direction led by Hanno Groen and Joanna Boothman. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and work for brands and organizations worldwide such as Signify, Asics, Yamaha, PostNL, Hema, Heineken, Giant, City of Rotterdam, Volvo and many more. View our wide variety of projects and find out more about our way of working. Or read our blogs and get to know more about our approach on product design and technology.

Hanno Groen and Joanna Boothman of design studio Groen & Boothman Amsterdam. Designers with backgrounds rooted in industrial design, aeronautical and mechanical engineering and art academy.

Connecting people, products & technology

We are seasoned designers combining extensive technical know-how with a deep understanding of human behavior. We are here to help you create long-lasting value with product design, research, design thinking, developing product strategies and smart portfolio management. Have a look at our services. 

Asics running fitness shoes design and creative direction by Groen & Boothman

Capture hearts with your products

Our 30+ years of experience in creating successful, innovative products for renowned brands and consultancies, both in The Netherlands and abroad. As a result this has given us extensive knowledge and a sharp helicopter-view over all aspects involved in the design process. From first idea to final retail presence. So, are you looking for an excellent design, smart technical solutions or an independent advice? Or maybe you are in need of a fresh view, practical know-how or a second opinion to support your project? Please get in touch to share your thoughts and ideas. Things often start over a cup of coffee, , so why not come by for a chat or let’s plan a call.

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