Minimalistic Sensual Designs: Bathroom accessories for the Hema

These bathroom accessories for the Hema were designed by Joanna Boothman at npk design. This collection comprises seven typical everyday bathroom products, for storing and dispensing. Joanna took care of the project, from ideation and concept development to design refinement and engineering for production by injection molding.

Beauty and elegance for a Hema price

The underlying aesthetic concept is the subtle interplay between the colour, transparency and surface finish of the materials, in order to create a high quality perception. The matte-finish of the white translucent parts subtly off-sets the bright glossy parts, to create a fresh, clean look.

The use of a generous wall-thickness, in combination with a perfect friction-fit between the parts, gives the collection a high quality look and feel. Gentle curves give stability and elegance, whilst providing use-cues. The avoidance of sharp inner corners ensures that the products are easy to clean.

The different functions of these objects are brought together in a visually cohesive way, to create unity and grace in the bathroom space!

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