Generative Design Watches for Kromm

generative watch design for kromm by Groen & Boothman

Fourth Industrial Revolution Luxury Watches for Kromm

Fourth Industrial Revolution Luxury Watches for Kromm. Kromm Watches are the first mechanical watches ever designed and produced using fourth industrial revolution generative design technology. Pushing the boundaries of luxury design to the next level, with a new approach to creating singular 1-of-1 timepieces. Each as individual as the wearer.

Each watch as unique as a fingerprint

Nature is a designer without equal. Every leaf, branch, and tree is unique and never accidental. Form seamlessly flows into function and it is able to create millions of unique variations of fingerprints, mountains, shells and faces. In homage to nature, Kromm watches are created in the same unbridled yet highly controlled way. With neither repetition nor restriction to shape or symmetry. The Kromm watch is the ultimate expression of the personal and exclusive.

Craft at scale

Each Kromm Watch casing in the series has a slightly different shape derived from an algorithm which is influencing a Master Shape.  In this way Kromm challenges the principle that each exclusive luxury watch in a series is a copy of the original prototype. Instead every Kromm watch has a unique algorithm-generated shape, which is a variation on the Master Shape, thus making it a truly 1-of-1 timepiece. This is achieved with advanced mass customization technology to automatically program CNC machines to produce the bezel, casing and crystal, in automated series production.

A whole new approach to watch casing design

The challenge was to integrate the mass customization of different shapes into the production process. This was realized in close cooperation with a chain of Swiss and Dutch suppliers and developers. With a new developed methodology for automated production using high-precision CNC milling to create unique casings in series. The result is an innovation in aesthetics and in technique, delivering a new archetype for a watch collection.  In short it takes the idea of mass personalization to a whole new level.

More details and expected launch: 2025. Technical support by nSize.

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