Groen & Boothman offer the following palette of services:

> Product design & development 

> Design research & strategy 

> Advanced design & Concept studies 

Product design & development

Designing and developing new products or improving existing ones is deeply rooted in our DNA. Whether we are designing appliances, tableware, soft goods, outdoor furniture or other products, it’s always about finding the perfect balance between consumer needs, commercial value and technology.

With our extensive multi-faceted experience, we can support you through all the steps necessary to translate an idea into a successful product; from initial concept development and research to design, prototyping, and final launch.



  • ideation sketching and design development
  • user- and market research
  • developing a creative vision
  • shape refinement and ergonomics
  • technical development, engineering
  • modelmaking and prototyping
  • collaborating with suppliers
  • visualization and storytelling
  • front runners in using the latest design tools like generative design – and ai tools

Firefly agricultural sensor model inside viewDesign research & strategy

Strategy and research lie at the foundation of every project we execute. Understanding the behaviour and motivation of your customers is key to creating successful products. Therefore we continuously research trends and new technologies, addressing global issues like circularity, sustainability and others. Combining our vast experience with research and creative thinking we can help you develop tailored strategies that align with your vision and maximize impact. Ensuring that your brand stands out in the market and resonates deeply with your target audience.


  • in-depth research
  • exploring new materials and technologies
  • developing a creative vision
  • developing a strategy
  • story-tellin

Advanced design & concept studies

Advanced design, in particular Concept studies play a crucial strategic role in shaping the future direction of brands. It is in our nature to think freely about future products on a high level; playing with forms, ideas and state of the art technology, a bit like we did with Lego when we were young.
With our innovative approach and forward-thinking mindset, we can help you envision and create ground-breaking solutions for your sector. We bring fresh perspectives and inventive solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.



  • framing future scenarios
  • developing a creative vision
  • envisioning next gen products and solutions
  • executing concept studies
  • experimentation and exploration, forging new design directions
  • story-telling
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