Innovative collapsible SmartBag
A sketch expresses the design challenge
Detail of open SmartBag

SmartBag by Everless

Design and development of the innovative SmartBag, a strategically compact & convenient alternative to single-use plastic bags. The collapsible SmartBag was designed to be strong, ultra-lightweight, flexible and compact. With a unique closing system, it fits seamlessly into your pocket, making it easy to always have on you, so you never rely on single-use bags again! It supports the Everless philosophy of ‘conscious convenience’ by nudging consumers to be more sustainable in their shopping habits.

This project from Joanna’s portfolio involved invention, design, development and high-tech fabrics engineering. Joanna also supervised the production, involving diverse suppliers.

The innovation behind the re-usable SmartBag, is the special way it collapses into a small case in one swift movement after each use. See videos.

A sketch expresses the design challenge: how to get a big bag into a small case without stuffing, rolling or difficult folding? With this in mind, Joanna began exploring, experimenting and prototyping in order to come up with a viable solution. The invention was fine-tuned into a manufacturable industrial design. The result reflects the aim to deliver a clear, recognizable design, that allows for customization and future variations. 

The design and development process was hands-on. For example, numerous working prototypes were made and evaluated. Craft, precision and design came together to create a sophisticated folding solution, giving the SmartBag its unique and surprising look; tactile and dynamic when it’s open for use, and minimal and clean when it’s closed! 

Many thanks to Ronald Lewerissa at Generous Minds and Dyana van der Pols and Michelle Kuipers for their support.

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