‘X-Ray’ Scooter Concept Study

The X-Ray Scooter concept study was designed by Hanno in the context of a biomimicry study into new materials.

Biomimicry design

Biomimicry draws inspiration from nature’s highly intelligent, million-year-old solutions to many design problems. For example, organic bone structures, which perfectly balance weight with mechanical properties, belong to the most efficient of existing structures.

With the X-Ray this was translated into practice by applying an integral frame of foamed synthetic material with a variable density. This means that the material has a high density on spots where great strength is required and a low density on spots where it is not required, just like natural bone structure.  In this way a significant weight reduction is achieved in comparison with conventionally-built scooters.

This biomimetic approach, mimicking nature’s highly refined structures and processes, is something we are taking further using generative design techniques.

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futuristic scooter design concept sketch by Hanno Groen

Futuristic scooter design concept sketch by Hanno Groen

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