Watch Strap Collection for Kromm

Studies for the Water & Spine straps

A dedicated strap collection for Kromm Watches, the first mechanical watches ever designed and produced using fourth industrial revolution generative design technology.

We created a vision for the watch strap program and set out to develop some signature models using a similar approach to aesthetics and technology as The Kromm Watch itself.

The new exotic

Mimicking the way nature designs, Kromm watches are created in an unbridled yet highly controlled way, with neither repetition nor restriction to shape or symmetry. This biomimetic approach served as inspiration for the strap designs.

Craft and tactility

By paying particular attention to craft, playfulness and tactility, the resulting collection enhances the unique design of the watch itself and offers a thoroughly contemporary and provides users with versatility in personal styling.

We also designed a unique self-locking strap mechanism which facilitates quick-change of straps and bracelets. The miniature mechanism is based on the technical principle of the classic self-locking garden gate latch.

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