Design and development of the innovative Rollor Garment Bag

Design and detailing of the first ever ‘Suit Rollor’. This innovative garment bag was invented by Teun van der Laan, the founder of Rollor Technology, to provide an improved solution for carrying a suit or dress clothes without creasing. Joanna helped bring this soft goods concept to life as an iconic manufacturable industrial design.

Rollor® travel suit carrier is a clever garment bag with anti-crease Rollology® technology; it allows for a suit to be packed, when rolled, in a compact and anti-crease manner. Work involved handcrafting the first prototypes to attract investment, designing and detailing the product for production and working closely with soft goods suppliers. It also involved creating a Style Guide, in order to establish the product identity and form-language for future Rollor products.”

Rollor garment bag concept sketch by Groen & Boothman

Concept design sketch of the first Rollor Garment bag by Joanna Boothman

Signature details enhancing the user experience

Various signature design details were created which contribute to the over-all look & feel. These help to enhance the user-experience, as well as highlight the unique functionality of the Rollor.

We created user instructions based on a free-hand sketch. The user instructions are based on a free-hand sketch by Joanna. The result is a fun, fluid take on an often dry necessity. The Style Guide outlines the rationale for this new product and reasoning behind the design features. It includes a guideline for maintaining the Rollor brand’s look & feel on product level.

Rollor garment bag design by Joanna Boothman

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