Joanna Boothman groen Tacx Uma bottle cage concept sketch
‘Uma’ Bottle Cage, concept sketch
Joanna Boothman groen Design Tacx bottlecage Uma
Bicycle accessories for Tacx, ‘Uma’ Bottle Cage
Joanna Boothman groen Tacx VR unit sketch
Concept sketches for VR interface
Joanna Boothman groen Tacx VR unit Bushidohome trainer
Bicycle computer for ‘Bushido’ wireless home trainer
Concept sketches for bike computer
Joanna Boothman groen Tacx Bushido VR home trainer.
Bushido home trainer in use | Bushido integrated brake unit
Joanna Boothman groen Tacx Bushido break sketch
Bushido home trainer | Conceptual sketch for integrated brake unit

Bicycle Accessories for Tacx

Whilst working at npk design, Joanna made numerous designs for Tacx, expert producer of high quality bicycle accessories. Examples shown here comprise a bottle cage and a number of specific accessories for Tacx’s innovative home-trainers. These include handlebar-mounted computers, an integrated brake unit and a front wheel support. A main challenge was to create a cohesive and recognizable aesthetic for products with diverse functions, that should all be used together on and around the bicycle.

These expressive designs for Tacx are inspired by movement. They feature flowing, curvilinear forms and sweeping lines, that emphasize the dynamics of cycle sports and bicycle design. The VR computers seem to perch on the handlebars, as if ready to take-off. The integrated cylindrical brake-unit is designed such that the back wheel appears to carve right through it at high speed. The arched form of the ‘Skyliner’ seems poised to jump forward, like a spring being released. These design features serve to enhance the home training experience.

The bottle cage is a curved, light-weight design reminiscent of a 3-dimensional arrow.

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