Creatures generative design jewellery 4th industrial revolution groen boothman
'Creature' generative design bracelet
Four unique bracelets from the series
Four unique 3D printed skeletons
Creatures generative design jewellery fourth industrial revolution groen boothman
Creatures generative design jewellery fourth industrial revolution groen boothman

‘Creatures’ Bracelet Series | A Design in Motion

The Creatures are a series of bracelets which push the boundaries of product design- and mass production-techniques to the next level. They are a new breed of product whereby every bracelet produced in the series has its own individual sculptural shape.

Each Creature is a 1-of-1; unique as a fingerprint, fully automatically generated by computer algorithms that mimic natural design processes. This leads to a surprising new aesthetic with an unprecedented level of refinement, which has an inherently natural look and feel.

Design Based on Movement

The Creatures are all based on the same master shape which is deformed by computer generated waves flowing through it. This fluid ‘dancing’ movement is frozen every few seconds resulting in a unique shape which is then 3D printed, forming the skeleton of a unique bracelet. See video below.

Design Features

The bracelets are strong, ultra-lightweight (<25 grams) and very comfortable to wear. Their flexible inner structure, consisting of thin wavy ribs, gives them a pleasing glove-like fit, whilst their outer shell carries forth the shape-changing algorithms.

These 3D-printed skeletons are upholstered with fine feather leather which comes to life over the underlying wavy forms.

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Generative Design

It is almost perverse that mathematicians have spent centuries contemplating idealized shapes like straight lines or perfect circles and yet have no proper or systematic way to describe the rough and imperfect shapes that dominate the real world.”

(Benoît B. Mandelbrot, French mathematician, 1924-2010)

Breathing New Life into Materials and Techniques

The Creatures are the result of exploration and experimentation with generative design techniques in the context of industrial product design and CAD/CAM.

Generative design is changing the aesthetic landscape of our manufactured world. Ever-increasing computing power is pushing our design/production processes to a new level of refinement thereby changing the role of the designer. While algorithms can do the work of many, the designer’s role becomes more crucial than ever in steering, analysing and selecting the best possible forms and solutions.

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