Joanna Boothman groen design Dutch Letter Box
Dutch Twin Letter Box, TPG Post
Joanna Boothman groen npk design Dutch Letter Box sketch
Concept sketch showing design direction

The Dutch Letterbox

A prestigious project from Joanna’s npk design portfolio. TPG Post commissioned npk to design and engineer the next generation of the Dutch Twin Letterbox. Joanna played an important role in creating and detailing the design, which is currently found throughout the Netherlands. It was introduced in 2001 and gradually came to replace its predecessor, which had been on the streets since the 1960’s, and which was also very innovative for its time. This now current design comprises a number of functional evolutions, including a larger capacity, better security, a dynamic display and integrated space for postal marketing communications.  

The letterbox has an iconic status in the Dutch landscape. The aim was to create a design that can stand the test of time both functionally and aesthetically. Recognizable from a distance, it instills a sense of pride and security. The aesthetic design is in fact a revolution in the design of letterboxes, balancing function and form in a characteristic way that makes it stand out from typical designs for letterboxes world-wide.

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