Looking back at an amazing Masterly Show during The Milan Design Week 2024

Groen & Boothman the Masterly at Milan Design Week

Back home in Amsterdam, we look back at an awe inspiring Milan Design Week! It was great to welcome so many visitors and colleagues and receive so many compliments for our futuristic, nature-inspired exhibition in room 15 at the Masterly palace.

Masterly Milano

Masterly Milano, curated and organized by the inimitable Nicole Uniquole, was held in the very grand Palazzo Giureconsulti, literally next door to the famous Duomo. Showcasing ‘The best of Dutch Design’ we exhibited alongside many talented brands and colleaugues, including Philips MyCreation, Royal Delft, Claudy Jongstra, Dutch Originals, Aectual, Halle Design, and many others. During the course of the week around 80.000 visitors from all over the world were welcomed and inspired by Masterly 2024. And most exceptional was the fun atmosphere amongst the exhibitors and crew sharing this experience, together with the necessary Aperol Spritzes!😉 A big success all round!

In our show, boldly titled: The Future Starts Here! we exhibited our latest designs which challenge traditional ideas and push the boundaries of what’s possible with shape & form. From avant-garde jewellery & watch designs created with algorithms to circular 3D printed tables and an innovative pendant luminaire we designed in close collaboration with Philips MyCreation.

Masterly Milan Design week generative watches

Inspired by Natural Intelligence

Our general message ‘Inspired by Natural Intelligence’ resonated well with visitors. After decades of minimalism we think the world is ready for more refined and friendly products with a more natural feeling. As humans we are nature so why not create more natural, tactile products that resonate with our emotions? This vision was expressed in our various jewellery designs, our latest cutlery concept and the 3D printed Wwwave tables, which are all designed with advanced design tools using natural algorithms to generate shapes. This way of working is a methodology we have been pioneering and fine-tuning for more than 10 years now.

Especially for Masterly we had a few hundred replicas of our algorithmic Rocky Rings 3D-printed in bright colors as a gift for our visitors. We never expected them to be so popular and it was a great compliment to see so many people happily wearing them around the city. We will continue printing these rings and they will be available soon through our website.

A Big thanks to Philips MyCreation & Signify

Also commanding much praise at the show were the two impressive 3D printed Wing Lights we designed together with Philips MyCreation/Signify. The idea to develop an advanced concept luminaire to show-case at Masterly came up spontaneously early this year and they were so bold as to immediately say ‘yes’ to our proposal. Thanks to the incredible work behind the scenes by the amazing team at Signify, we were able to design, develop and produce these lamps together in less than two months. The 3D printed Wing Lights, which combine direct downlight with Philips Hue ambient light technology created a beautiful atmosphere on our stand and fueled many questions about when and where they can be ordered. The good news is: these dazzling first prototypes will be further developed into production models in the future.

Groen Boothman Design Masterly Milan Design Philips MyCreation

CataWiki and Masterly

Also at the show was a ‘Homage to’ design exhibition of Catawiki curated by Nicole Uniquole. During the Milan Design Week the items at this exhibition where auctioned by Catawiki. In June some of our jewellery designs, including the red Creatures bracelets, will also be auctioned by Catawiki. So please stay tuned for more information or let us know if you are interested in our jewellery.

In conclusion, we are just so happy we could be a part of Masterly 2024 and see the hard work we put in during the last months come to life!

Thank you & Bye for now,
Hanno & Joanna

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