Aim Bathroom accessories collection
Joanna Boothman groen concept sketch AIM Geesa bathroom accessories
Concept sketches

Aim Bathroom Collection for Geesa

Design and detailing of the Aim collection for Geesa, a Dutch producer of high quality bathroom accessories since 1885. The goal was to create a modular and versatile system which is easy to use and install. An important starting point was Geesa’s goal to be able to manufacture the collection in-house using existing toolings.

By focusing on a limited number of elements and playing with the basic dimensions, a simple yet elegant collection was designed. The main elements can be used in different ways, for example horizontally and vertically. In addition, the collection offers some new dual-storage solutions. Versatility is also created through a clean, minimalistic, straight-forward design which fits many modern interiors.

The modular system provides future possibilities for fitting in new storage products.

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