hanno groen & joanna boothman design

Creating products with soul

Groen & Boothman is the collaboration between Hanno Groen and Joanna Boothman. Two established industrial designers working for global and local brands. After working synergetically together on a project basis, they joined forces to become a design duo in 2019.

With combined more than 50 years of international experience in industrial design and creative direction, Groen & Boothman offers their clients extensive expertise and know-how in designing products where aesthetics and emotion play a key role. Categories range from motorcycles, furniture and public design to watches, jewellery, home- and lifestyle accessories and other products that trigger the senses. They undertake projects from concept studies, to fully detailed product design ready for production.

They believe that only a perfect balance between emotion, function and cost can elevate a design to a timeless bestseller. Good design offers a smart and innovative solution. Great design tells a multi-layered story; it triggers emotions and inspires. And last but not least, great design is sustainable.

Technique meets emotion

With their unique hybrid backgrounds, Groen & Boothman fuse the worlds of aeronautical engineering, art academy and industrial design. Together they are mastering both the rational and emotional aspects of design, creating objects with distinctive form language and sophisticated technical solutions.

Breathing new life into materials and techniques

Groen & Boothman is embracing 4th industrial revolution technology, where biology and technology come together. In addition to traditional 3D CAD techniques, they are at the forefront of using advanced computing tools, such as generative design, opening doors to forms and solutions with an unprecedented level of complexity and refinement. Taking product design to the next level.

Client list

During their careers, Hanno and Joanna have worked for many clients, including: Yamaha, PGO, Giant, Batavus, Macbike, Tacx, Volvo, Nissan, Toyo Tires, Kromm Watches, Paloma Picasso, Zumtobel, Clarks Shoes, Asics Europe, Hamapro Medical, Nijha, Vialis, City of Rotterdam, TPG Post, KPN, Geesa BV, Hema, Coram Group, KLM, Heineken, Siemens, GE Plastics, Sara Lee, Akzo Nobel, Unilever, Black & Decker, TDK, Mattel, Rollor Technoloy, Everless/Gyre, Syros, Alplas Plastics, Palaset


Joanna Boothman

2010-2019 | Joanna Boothman Design

1995-2010 | npk design, Leiden, The Netherlands

1994 | Alplas Plastics Injection Molding, Cape Town, South Africa

1992-1993 | Flex, Delft, The Netherlands

1992 | Graduation from School of Industrial Design, high distinction, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada


Hanno Groen

1997-2019 | Hanno Groen Design

1992-1997 | Dekker & Spiekerman / GK Design Group, The Netherlands

1989-1992 | Flex, Delft, The Netherlands

1988-1989 | Volvo Cars, Helmond, The Netherlands

1992 | Graduation, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, Summa Cum Laude

1987 | Graduation HTS Haarlem, Aeronautical Engineering

1983 | Sybrandus Strating MTS Groningen, Mechanical Engineering

Hanno is also a semi-pro photographer. Works can be found here.

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