Cutlery Set 2.0, Tableware
Cutlery Set 2.0, side elevation, showing flowing lines
Cutlery Set ‘Picasso’

Tableware Collections, ‘2.0’ and ‘Picasso’

The great challenge in designing cutlery is finding the right balance between function and emotion. Cutlery is a very functional product that triggers almost all of our senses. It should feel pleasant in the hand and mouth, be balanced, look attractive and be easy to clean. In addition to all this, each set must consist of three basic designs, each having a specialized function.

Cutlery Set ‘2.0’

Cutlery Set 2.0 is meant for everyday use. Its design is characterized by flowing lines and subtle roundings, giving it an elegant, refined look. The widened form of the grips creates a pleasant feel in the hand. The weight distribution, calculated by computers, ensures that the cutlery is ergonomically perfectly balanced.

Cutlery Set ‘Picasso’

The basic design for this set, which is meant for special occasions, originates from a concept study for Japan Airlines’ first class cabins. The starting point was the premise that in first class cutlery should be both jewellery and utensil. In the traditional Japanese kitchen, chopsticks are frequently used, and in aviation, weight plays an important role. These two significant aspects come together in the carefully balanced, slender and elegant shapes of the cutlery, that are almost controlled like chopsticks.

Later the design was taken over by Paloma Picasso.

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