Elements generative design jewellery, ‘Cosmic’ bangle in silver
‘Water’ bangle in silver

Elements Generative Design Jewellery

Elements is a jewellery collection inspired by the natural elements earth, air, fire and water. The pieces are created using generative design techniques. Shown here are silver bangles ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Water’.

Generative design deviates from traditional design methods because the designs are ‘generated’ by manipulating patterns using computer programs. In this way the role of the designer can be compared to that of a musician, who manipulates sounds generated by computers in such a way that synthesized music arises.


‘Cosmic’ is all about the relationships between entities; whether between people, stars, cells or atoms. All such natural entities tend to arrange themselves in relationship to one another according to mathematical formulas that can be found almost everywhere in nature. 

These formulas lead to patterns that are perceptible in the shapes of corals and shells, in the patterns of giraffes and turtles, in parched clay, crystal structures, neural networks and even in social networks! 

This natural process of arranging takes place in such a way as to achieve a state of equilibrium. The result is an aesthetic balance which is universally accepted as perfect. This is because we cannot imagine another arrangement than that created by nature. The Cosmic bangles emulate this principle. An intriguing pattern emerges that is highly irregular yet perfectly balanced, giving the pieces a natural expressive beauty.


In the Water collection, a computer generated waterstream flows through the designs, bringing the jewellery to life.

The amplitude of the water waves, their direction and distance between them have been manipulated into a perfectly natural-looking water surface which has been ‘frozen’ and turned into precious metal.

The resulting jewellery pieces reflect their surrounding environment in the same way a water surface does. In this way they seemingly change their appearance with each movement of the wearer or change in their surroundings.  A distinctly fluid design whereby the irregularity of the water waves creates a truly natural elegance.

To avoid an interruption in the generated surfaces, the bracelets and necklaces have been provided with an invisible clasp design. How to open them remains the wearer’s secret!

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