‘Atlas’ motorcycle concept study, final model
Clay model 1:1
Early concept sketch

‘Atlas’ Motorcycle Concept Study

A full-scale motorcycle concept study with the goal of defining a new form-language for the design of future generations of Yamaha motorbikes.

The most important objective in the program of requirements for the Atlas was to create a motorbike with a sporty appearance, which can also transport minimally 70 liters of luggage. An assignment that initially sounded like: “design a Formula 1 racing car which you can use also as a moving van”.

The design of motorbikes entails a constant search for balance between contrasting elements. In the case of Atlas this was achieved by putting extra emphasis on the lines, the power and the technique to compensate for the relatively large luggage spaces. In this way, the crankshaft of the engine was literally taken as the visual centre for the strongly wedge-shaped design. The storage areas were concealed in such a way as to be subordinate to the main form.

This is one of many Hanno Groen projects undertaken for Yamaha. Projects ranged from graphic and colour studies to full-fledged concept studies to create new form language. 

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