Taste Station at Anuga
Taste Table

Taste Station for Syros

Syros is a Belgian food company specializing in healthy, fresh-packed products made from super-foods like avocado and lucuma. The Taste Station is designed to be a monumental, modular table for presenting and tasting their food in an elegant, friendly, practical way. Mainly to attract and engage tasters at busy food fairs, such as Anuga in Cologne, it was important to create a strong visual impact and point of focus with the design.

The result has intrigued and compelled many people to come and taste Syros ́ delicious fare!

The design considers issues of cooling, hygiene and ease of use. Its modular sections allow for variations in the presentation. The table is fabricated from durable, food-and people-friendly materials, such as solid oak and Corian. This makes the Taste Station a versatile and sustainable trade show decor.

In collaboration with CMK1

Built by Fiction Factory

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