Shanghai Bangles and Ring
Shanghai chinese lattice jewellery design hanno groen boothman
Transformation of centuries-old Chinese lattice patterns into layered 3D structure
Shanghai Bangles

Shanghai Jewellery Collection

A tribute to the bustling, energetic City of Shanghai, where East and West, future and past, melt together.

The source of inspiration for the collection is the marvelous lattice-work found in classical Chinese architecture, which dates back over 3000 years. The lattices contain a myriad of geometric patterns, often with special significances within Chinese culture.

In the design for this collection, the centuries-old flat patterns are brought to life by transforming them into curved three-dimensional patterns. This extra layer of complexity plays with lightness and depth and gives the designs an intricate delicacy. The pieces also have great mechanical strength, thanks to their three-dimensional structure.

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