Playground equipment system for Nijha
Duo Merry-go-round (l) and See-saw (r)
Nijha playground equipment design hanno groen groen boothman
Bike Mill
Bike Mill detail
nijha speeltoestellen hanno groen groen boothman 2
Merry-go-round, See-saw, Duo Merry-go-round, Bike Mill

Playground Equipment System for Nijha

Many stringent demands are made on the design of playground equipment. Besides being a challenging and fun means for children to learn and enjoy, the design should also consider the style of different neighborhoods, satisfy the highest safety requirements, be vandal-resistant, have a long lifespan and of course, be affordable. 

In order to maximize flexibility and keep costs as low as possible, the playing equipment was designed to consist of a minimum number of modular parts; a lego-like approach, offering a variety of set-ups and play options. The essence of the design is a simple yet clever system of stacked rings with different attributes, with which the functionalities of classic playground equipment can be created, such as see-saws and merry-go-rounds. In this way the popular ‘Bike Mill’ can be built. As well as these type of dynamic play structures, the rings can also be assembled to create static structures, such as bollards and pillars. The design language was kept as intuitive and straightforward as possible, to make the products easily recognizable and understandable for kids. The system also allows for variety in the creation of colour compositions to suit different environments.

This dynamic, modular playground equipment has been placed in many playgrounds; both in The Netherlands and abroad. The ‘Bike Mill’ is a best-seller, and belongs to Nijha’s standard assortment of playground equipment.

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