MCR bike with sweeping graphics
Team clothing designs showing bold, sharp-ended, sweeping lines

Giant Bicycles Various Projects

For Giant, participating in top-class sport is crucial for generating media-exposure. Besides sporting success, a distinctive, well-applied corporate identity plays a significant role in the propagation and recognizability of the brand. 

Giant is a relatively young brand that wants to project the image of a winner. To this end, sharp-ended, sweeping delineations were used in the graphic designs of the clothing. These create vivid contrast and emphasize the dynamics of the brand. The use of large logos and bold colours, further strengthen brand awareness and Giant’s no-nonsense appeal. 

Together with the performances of the athletes themselves, these graphic designs have made a great contribution to enhancing Giant’s reputation. In terms of sales figures, the clothes have been extremely successful among amateur cyclists and mountain bikers. 

The MCR and team clothing depicted here are just some of the many designs that Hanno Groen made for Giant.


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