Generative Watches for Kromm designed by Groen&Boothman with 4th industrial revolution technology
Kromm 4th Industrial Revolution Watch

Generative Design Watches for Kromm

The first watch ever designed and produced with fourth industrial revolution generative design technology. Pushing the boundaries of luxury design to the next level, with a new approach to creating singular 1-of-1 timepieces, each as individual as the wearer.

Nature is a designer without equal. Every leaf, branch, and tree is unique and never accidental. Form seamlessly flows into function. In homage, Kromm watches are created in the same unbridled yet highly controlled way, with neither repetition nor restriction to shape or symmetry. The Kromm watch is the ultimate expression of the personal and exclusive. And the watch is just the beginning…

More details and expected launch: 2020. Technical support by nSize

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