Joanna boothman groen design etag digital luggage tag
Electronic Luggage Tag, ‘eTag’
Joanna boothman design groen etag digital luggage tag
eTag, back side
Joanna boothman design groen etag digital luggagetag
Electronic Luggage Tracker, ‘eTrack’
Joanna boothman design groen- etag digital luggage tag
eTag in ivory colour
eTrack in ivory colour
Joanna Boothman design groen eTag digital luggage tag
Detail of eTrack clip
Joanna boothman groen design etag digital luggage tag
Early model showing attachment to suitcase
Joanna Boothman design Groen sketch eTag electronic luggage tag
Early concept sketch

Electronic Luggage Tag & Tracker for Eviate

Design and detailing of connected personal travel accessories, that offer convenience and security for travellers and airlines. They work within the highly complex framework of airline systems.

eTag is the electronic version of the paper bar-code. It is designed to be fully compatible with the stringent requirements of airport check-in and luggage handling systems. Using an app travellers can conveniently check in their suitcase at home by uploading their travel details to their eTag. At the airport they can simply drop-off their case, avoiding long lines and saving time.

A bold recognizable design was created for this new type of IoT device, boasting a double e-ink screen and an ultra strong housing. Numerous prototypes were tested to come up with the most secure way to fasten it to different types of luggage. The resulting flexible ‘loop’ flows seamlessly from the rigid main body of the eTag. The overall design is clean and smooth with well-rounded edges to ensure robustness.

eTrack goes inside the suitcase, allowing it to be tracked via a smartphone app. Travellers can feel a sense of security knowing where their luggage is at all times. The design language relates to the smooth minimalism of the eTag and includes a sturdy clip for fixation to the inside of the suitcase. 

Both designs offer airlines customization possibilities though colour and branding. 

Joanna Boothman together with Mark Schulte at Dwarsontwerp

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