Asics AYAMi running shoe collection
Overview of the story creation
Conceptual, inspirational sketches
Various models from the collection

Asics running shoe collection

Development of creative direction for the AYAMi collection of women’s performance footwear. Brands with highly specialized in-house design teams can benefit from external creative input to boost inspiration. To this end Joanna created a provocative story using thoughts, images and conceptual sketches with suggestive details. This story served as a guide for the ASICS footwear designers and a design check for the European ASICS team of marketeers and colour/materials specialists. It was important to provide open-ended inspiration that the Asics designers could build upon and make their own.

A number of creative sparks emerged, such as a ‘bold heel delivery’, ‘dynamic layering’ and ‘fluid lines’. These ideas helped give shape to the collection of 7 models. Even a new asymmetrical model was designed, shown here with a new lacing concept.

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